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Check Aadhar Card Status Online 2014 the start of the scheme, Aadhar Card implementation has faced many hurdles. Many states in India has made Aadhar Card necessary while admission in various Govt institutions , marriage registrations, LPG registrations and govt ration. Now supreme court ( SC ) sent notice to all those states who have made having Aadhar Card vital to take the benefit of Government schemes. A bench of Justice B.S Chauhan and Justice S.A Bobde said that while issuing the judicial system on the basis of UID, state governments should consider the approach.

The bench want to know the nature of the Aadhar card scheme and what government facilities have been added to the base card. These questions are for the state govt where the scheme is currently applicable. Supreme Court stated it while judging a petition challenging the constitutionality of the UID. The petition stated that it is a violation of individual rights of citizens. Citizens can check the status of Aadhar Card on official UIDAI Govt. 

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Puttaswami, retired judge of the High Court is also among the petitioners. UID Card Status is being processed online these days. Petitioners want the Planning Commission and the Unique Identification Authority of India to prevent the Aadhar Card issuance under the executive order January 28, 2009. On the behalf of a petitioner, senior lawyer Shyaam Dewan stated that gathering the personal information about anyone is the violation of Right to Privacy because there there remains the apprehension of information leakage and misuse of it. He said that person-related personal information of citizens is being gathered , which can be a serious threat to the privacy of citizens.

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The court stated that it could not be seen only from the aspect of privacy, the right to privacy in the country far more important than food and water. The court said that the country’s harsh truth is that for most of the people the food and water is more important than right to privacy. Those who are struggling for flour – rice, will they struggle to talk about privacy? The Court said, ‘What are you talking about consent? Do you know 69% of Indian girls get married before the age of 18 years and 30% children are forced to working as child labor’.

Petitioner’s lawyer, Shyaam Dewan stated that in Kerala, personal information of children is being gathered by forcing them because for admission into their schools having UID is essential. On this, court said ” For such a kids, Food is more important then UID / Base Card. They go to school just to get mid-day meal. Education level is very low in such schools. Instead of teaching, teachers remains busy in preparing the mid-day meal”. Previous court refused to change their decision under which Aadhar Card can’t be necessary to take the benefit of a Govt. Scheme. Now lets know, how you can check your Aadhar Card Status Online or say UID Card Online Status Check.
How to Check Aadhar Card Status Inquiry Online

You can Aadhar card status by name online or alternatively you can make use of Aadhar card status inquiry phone number. To check the Status of Aadhar Card, just visit this link :  and enter Enrollment No. and Date time. Then you have to enter 6 Digits Captcha Image Text in the given field. Then click the ” Submit ” link button and you will be able to check your UID status online.

Alternatively you can use the following form for your inquiry or to check the Aadhar Card Status Online. You can also get inquiry phone numbers of administration from official website of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Use the following table for UID Inquiry or to check the status of Aadhar Card-

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